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    ul. Zgierska 35
    91-451 Łódź
    tel. 042-656-35-28
    lub 516-129-707
    PN-PT 8-18, SOB 8-14
    You are welcomed

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The producer of furniture
      SLAW-EX company was established in 1997.
       The knowledge of the owners goes back to 1988. We had been sharing our experience and workmanship with many customers for many years.
Among our clients there are companies like:
- Foundation of the Development of Enterprise,
- British Consulate,
- Duński w Łodzi,
- NIDA GIPS Beata Nowak,
- Dzwig- service,
- SOL- Poland
- Manufakture
We produce different furniture to :
-consulting rooms
-hairdresser saloons
-petrol stations

We can do everythink for our clients. We do our job according to the rules:

‘Our client’s happiness is our success’

       We are not going to ensure you how perfect our furniture are produced and how much happiness it brings to our clients.
       We want to show you our wonderful gallery and proposal in which for sure you will find something for yourself.
       Everything you will find on www.slaw-ex.pl that will be interesting and fulfilling your individual needs.

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